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The Story of

Chitrambari - A collector's pride is the birth of passion for Indian traditional art and culture.

About Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore or Thanjavur paintings have been popular from 16th century during the Marathas invasion to Southern India. Thanjavur painting is a classic South Indian painting style, distinguished for its gold work. It is characterised for its rich, vivid and bright colours, glittering gold foils laid on detail, delicate, beautiful motifs and designs, that are also embedded with semi-precious/glass beads and stones. The subject of most paintings are Hindu Gods, Goddesses and saints. Episodes from puranas and other texts are sketched and painted with the main figure/deity as centre piece in a throne/mandapam surrounded by several figures, themes and subjects. There are many instances of Jain, Sikh, other religious/secular subjects depicted in Thanjavur paintings.

About Glass Paintings

Glass paintings are tanjore style with beautiful figures and themes. These paintings are sketched on reverse side of glass and then decorated suitably. The subject of these paintings are varied. The themes that are displayed with us are unique and are one piece paintings.

About Us

Chitrambari - A collector's pride is the birth of passion for Indian traditional art and culture. We believe that more and more people need to experience Indian art at your homes, offices and workplaces. Our dream is that every home should possess one of our products and celebrate Indian art and paintings. Every product of ours is hand made with all intricacy! Our aim is to preserve and promote all ancient art forms of India. And CHITRAMBARI is our humble effort towards that journey. I, Vidya Sridharan, am a self-taught artist, art lover and collector. Every tanjore and glass painting is worked with great love, details and perfection. I have been doing a lot of solo exhibitions to spread the interest in these ancient art forms. I am extremely passionate about antiques, temple art, home decor and sculptures. The blend of old in the new is so beautiful and we are working towards bringing THE OLD IN NEW. We also source South Indian art pieces, old paintings and authentic furniture on orders. We also make paintings on custom orders for your living rooms, puja rooms, shops, restaurants.